Saturday, June 28, 2003

1. Noah called last night - great to him from him after three weeks, and on the day he got back home - very unexpected.
2. UST was called and a woman is now working on my scheduale.
3. Payday.
4. The kids helped make Noah and Nicole posters.
5. Megan and I had a really long, good phone conversation. I haven't seen her in forever.
6. I saw Kristyna Solawitz twice yesterday, we might go out this week with Miss Hohenshell and catch-up on forgotten biology.
7. I "slept in" this morning - well, at least I got nine hours and I slept through the night.
8. I went to the art show last night.
9. I've found X-Long bedsheets at various stores so I don't have to buy the ugly ones UST wants me to buy.
10. I'm tearing through "the Color Purple" - 100ish pgs in three days.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

1. Meredith made me a bracelt.
2. Alex beat me in Yatzee - by one point.
3. I am talking to Brian for the first time in 2 weeks.
4. The kids (at least the boys) are excited to help me make welcome home signs for Noah and Nicole.
5. Manicotti was for dinner.
6. Erica got another stupid shirt for me to make fun of - this time AE limbo.
7. I was told that I get tomorrow off!
8. Carter helped me make pudding for lunch (a surprise for the rest) and he got to lick the bowl clean, which resulted in him getting pudding all over his face and beaming at me with a huge smile because he had made the pudding himself and got to eat some before lunch.
9. All the kids ate lunch together.
10. Caroline and I sung "little pile of tin" in the car.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

1. Alex lost a tooth - he was so proud.
2. Carter doesn't know wheather or not to believe me when I tell him I wear a diaper, and that is why one was mailed to his house.
3. Caroline told me why today was "the best and worst day".
4. Meredith fixed my hair in the pool.
5. The boys prayed with me before they ate lunch (or while they ate - it's not important either way)
6. The boys were excited by buying fruit for a snack!
7. Caroline likes some of the "Christ station" songs.
8. Anda called, my first real contact with anyone over the age of 12 in quite a while.
9. Brian has been my hero - taking the next step in his life is breath-taking and inspiring to watch. I support you, Brian!
10. Scott and I kicked Erica's butt coming home (no surprise) and we both love the same great music, and singing along with the CD in the car, and dancing in the car. I'm so happy he's not self-conscious, he's so much more fun that way.

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